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    Fracture Immobilized Summer Walker Boot
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    Material :
    Velvet fabric+4mm foam+Velvet fabric,ROM Hinge,plastic,aluminum 1060.

    1.  Impact resistant nylon foot piece with removable foam liners.
    2. Ideal for patients with fracture, diabetic ulcers and postoperative bunion surgery.
    3. Liners are secured to uprights with Impact resistant nylon foot piece with removable foam liners.
    4.  Liners are secured to range of motion upright with broad circumferential touch and close fastening.
    5.  Fit either left or right.
    6.  Suitable for POST-OP ankle stabilization, ankle fracture stress fractures, soft tissue and ligament injuries.
    7. Keyword: Summer walking boots.
    1. The Range of Motion (R.O.M.) hinged brace is made with pre-set stops
    2. Soft foam washable laminated material for comfort
    3. Wide foot plate with open toe to accommodate edema or bandages
    4. Hook and loop closure for easy adjustment and exact fit
    5. Lightweight while strong and durable