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    Fracture Immobilized Winter Walker boot
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    Material :
    Velvet fabric+4mm foam+Velvet fabric,plastic,aluminum 1060.

    1. Soft tissue injuries.
    2. Grade 2 and 3 sprains.
    3. Stable fractures.
    4. Post-operative use.
    5. Trauma and rehab.
    6. Provides protected range-of-motion following trauma or post-operative procedures.
    1. Adjustable air chambersto accommodate changes in edema during maximize patient compliance.
    2. Integrated pump designed to make the liner simple to inflate and adjust.
    3. Injection molded plastic uprights make the premium more light-weight than the standard at function as the aluminium uprights.
    4. Molded plastic uprights with slits for fixing straps and preventing them moving upwards or down.
    5. Easy to use, hook and loop straps are asjustable to fit the contours of the leg.
    6. Universal design fits right or left foot.